Casual stylish

Its always laid back and casual when I work from home. By laid back I mean having a sleek and smooth casual basics that I can wear on any  day of the week , any hour of the day. If it comes as any surprise, I design my casual outfits with the same enthusiasm as my corporate wear. Easy material, wrinkle free, comfortable to lounge along with my drawing books. Then there is always denim to get snug and cosy. I find loose sandals or comfort shoes to walk about the house, and enjoy my cuppa tea on the terrace garden. No fuss accessories to go along, and there! I am ready for a stylish comfy work-from-home day!

DSC_0420DSC_0408 DSC_0429

Dress highlights :Long Tunic Hi-Lo style cut in soft drapey chiffon fabric. Buttoned down front, cuffed long sleeve, back yoke with gathers, tucked with a bow . Lined front and back.


For business propositions, design showcasing, bulk order placing, pls mail at or whatsapp @+6017 6748132


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